Map of the World
Map of the World. (Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash)

This map of the world shows you the international boundaries. All the countries carrying unique colors to differentiate between the international boundaries.

This World Map shows the international boundaries and the countries carry unique colors to distinguish between the international boundaries. The map also displays the dissemination of the gulf, seas, and oceans situated worldwide as well as the locations of the overseas terrains of big nations. The map is helpful for educational purposes as well as for mapping practices and research work, etc. The vibrantly colorful world map mainly focuses on the countries of the world with clear segregation of the boundaries, territories, and borders.

Top five countries by population

China tops the list with an overall population of 1,439,323,776, i.e.18.47% of the world’s population. Around 60.8% of the Chinese population is urban. India is the second-largest country with approx. 1,380,004,385 populations, i.e. 17.70% of the world’s population. Around 35.0% of the Indian population is urban. The United States is the 3rd largest country with approx. 331,002,651, i.e. 4.25% of the world’s population and around 82.8% of the entire US population is urban. Indonesia ranks 4th with a total population of 273,523,615, i.e. 3.51% of the world’s population and around 56.4% of the entire Indonesian population are urban. Pakistan ranks 5th with an overall population of 20,892,340, i.e. 2.83% of the world’s population and around 35.1% of the entire population being urban

Top five countries to visit in the world


Australia has great diversity and so much to offer to the tourists from mountains to beaches, ski resorts to theme parks, and wildlife to vineyards. Click to read more about Australia.


Spain has several beautiful cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Granda’s Alhambra fortress and various other places. Try planning your tour during any one of the popular festivals of Spain such as La Tomatina, the popular Encierro, Bulls running, or Tenerife Carnival, to make your trip more exciting. Click here to read more about Spain.


Greece is popular for its ancient Delphi, Athens, and world popular ruins as well as its stunning islands of Corfu and Santorini to keep the tourists occupied. Click here to read more about Greece.

South Africa

The country offers an amazing combination of the Kruger National Park, the Table Mountain, and the Kalahari Desert as well as its wine industry and several other adventurous spots. Click here to read more about South Africa.


Austria is popular not only for its mesmerizing natural beauty but also for its medieval architecture of Vienna, quaint cafes, and cobbled streets that make the city charming and one of the must-visit cities. Click here to read more about Austria.

Top five economically advanced countries

United States of America (USA)

Often labeled as the ‘economic superpower’, the USA has constantly reserved its position of being the strongest economy in the world since 1871. Currently, the nominal GDP of the country is $21.44 trillion and it constitutes nearly 1/4th of the worldwide economy, strengthened by advanced technology, infrastructure, and a huge amount of natural resources. Apart from this, you can visit the US Map to find the state capitals, boundaries, and major cities of the United States. Click here to read more about the US.


The nominal GDP of China is $14.14 trillion, making it the second-largest advanced country. The difference in the magnitude of the US and the Chinese economy has rapidly been reducing over the years. In the last few decades, China has experienced rapid growth and has it has grown into an exporting and manufacturing center across the globe. Click here to read more about China.


Despite the financial crisis of 2008, the global recession, and the gigantic earthquake, the GDP of Japan stands at 3rd position with $5.15 trillion GDP because of its proliferating automobile and electronic goods industries.


With nominal GDP of $3.86 trillion, the economy of Germany is the largest and the strongest across Europe; the country’s economy is mainly reliant upon the exports of capital goods. Click here to read more about Germany.


With of $2.94 trillion nominal GDP, India ranks 5th and surpasses the economy of the UK and France. The country is expected to reach new heights in terms of economy with the Government’s new ‘Make in India’ vision. Click here to read more about India.