US map showing states and capital. Political map of the United States of America.
US map showing states and capital. Political map of the United States of America.

The US map shows all the 50 states and their capital along with the country’s capital names. Know about the United States of America (USA).

Geography of the United States

The country USA, also called the United States (US or America) is primarily situated within the central part of North America, amid Mexico and Canada. Considered the 3rd largest country in size across the world, the US has 50 states, 1 federal district, 5 chief independent territories, and several possessions. As shown in this US Map, the country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean towards the West; the Atlantic Ocean towards the East; Canada towards the Northern part, and Mexico towards the southern part. It is almost double the size of the EU (European Union) and flaunts tall highlands in the West and a massive central plain. Our US states map shows the ‘Death Valley’ as the lowermost point (-282 feet) and the Mt. McKinley or Denali as the highest point (20,320 feet).

History of the United States

As per the US Map with States, the Civil War of America is said to have played a significant role in shaping present-day America. It started in 1861 and continued till 1865, resulting in the deaths of over 620,000 people and leaving millions injured. The war was fought between the Northern states that were dedicated to the Union and the Southern states that got separated to create the United (Confederate) States of America.

Demography of the United States

The total population of the USA is approximately 330,052,960 as of Aug 2002, making it the 3rd most populated nation across the world. The country is majorly occupied by the Whites though; Latino Americans and Hispanics (descendants of Latin America and Spain) are also found in the country in good strength. Life expectancy in the USA is 79.11 years for both females and males and the infant mortality rate is 5.5 deaths/1000 births death rate under age 5 is 7 deaths/1000 births.

Culture of the USA

The culture of the USA is Western and it has its own distinctive cultural and social features that are quite apparent in its music, dialect, cuisine, arts, folklore, and social habits. However, the country is highly inspired by the culture and people belonging to Asian, African, Latin, and Native American, and Pacific Island origin. The USA is racially and ethnically diverse because of the large-scale immigration all through its vast history. Over 71% of Americans practice Christianity though; people are free to follow the religion of their choice. No particular language is recognized as official; English is spoken by almost everyone; Chinese, Spanish, German and French are among the most common non-English language, often spoken by people here.

Places to visit in the United States of America (USA)

New York City

New York City is one of the most happening places across the world walking through the streets of the city is like passing through a film set, with eminent spots at every turn such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Plaza, the Central Park, 5th Avenue, Times Square, Broadway, and the world-famous the Statue of Liberty.

San Francisco

This attractive and charming ‘West Coast’ city is the absolute destination for singles, couples, families, and students; the popular views, spectacular streets, beautiful sights, outdoor dining, and many more make the place one of the most favorite hubs of the visitors. You may even take a cruise on the San Francisco Bay and enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Alcatraz and make your journey memorable.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a highly spectacular place for those that love adventures; you would be amazed to see the canyon walls to an infinite horizon and a profound depth below, making the place one of the must-see destinations across the United States.

Though the USA can be visited any time of the year; the summers (May through September) are considered the peak time for visitors to visit the place.