The political map of Paraguay shows the international boundaries, department boundaries, national capital along with the department capitals.

Geography of Paraguay

Paraguay, officially known as the Republic of Paraguay is a nation situated in South America. It is surrounded by Argentina to the South and Southwest; Brazil to the East and Northeast and Bolivia to the northwest. Even though Paraguay is a landlocked country; it is also popular for its beautiful ports, coasts, and beaches alongside the Paraná Rivers. Paraguay’s topography includes small forested hills and lush plains across the East of Rio Paraguay, the county’s main river, and the stumpy marshy savannas across the Chaco region.

Demography of Paraguay

The total population of Paraguay as per the World Map is approximately 7,159,410, which is equal to 0.09% of the total population of the world. The country’s population density is 18/SqKm on the total landmass of approx. 397,300/SqKm and nearly 61.6 % of the total Paraguayans are urban. Life expectancy at birth is 74.59 years for both males and females and the infant mortality rate is 17.5 deaths/1000 lives and the death rate under age 5 is 19.8/1000 lives.

Culture of Paraguay

The culture of Paraguay is essentially the amalgamation of two traditions and cultures, i.e. the Guarani and European. Bilingualism is the main feature of this ethnic amalgamation; approx. 80% of people in the region speak both Guarani and Spanish; while many people speak in ‘Jopará’, a combination of both languages. Paraguayans are very fond of music and art; Harp and the Guitar are the most commonly played instruments across Paraguay. Paraguayans love celebrations and merry-making; festivals and ceremonies can be seen across the cities and towns throughout the year; people love dressing up and meeting people, eating, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Festivities of secular importance are also quite prominent in the town; Festival such as the Carnival in Encarnación is the biggest ceremony of the country and the fiestas of San Miguel and Santiago are marked by the display of equestrian talents tuned to the beats of folkloric musical troupes.

Top places to visit in Paraguay


Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay is the Principal port; the home to the federal government, and the main cultural and home to a hub of the country. As the place is situated alongside the Paraguay River, Asuncion offers beautiful landscapes; its popular parks such as Parque Carlos Antonio López and Parque Independencia offer wide areas for flora and are frequently visited by the tourists. You can even see many small hills and elevated areas such as Clavel, Cabará, Tarumá, Tacumbú, and Cachinga, and many more that make the place beautiful.

Saltos Del Monday

This beautiful place is marked by the classiness of waterfalls and is highly popular among tourists visiting Paraguay. Saltos Del Monday is the home to few stunning waterfalls accompanied by beautiful landscapes that augment the beauty of the entire region. If you happen to visit Saltos Del Monday, do not forget to pick your trekking shoes as you cannot miss trekking and hiking if you visit this place.

La Santisima Trinidad De Parana

Popularly known as the earlier Jesuit reduction, Parana is considered the holiest place across Paraguay. The ruins of Parana can still be seen and are preserved as exquisite architecture for the tourists to explore. A visit to Parana would let you explore the history, culture, and ethnicity of the Jesuit culture, an experience you would cherish forever.

What is the best and most ideal time to visit Paraguay?

The most ideal time to visit Paraguay is between September to December as the weather gets cooler and fares cheaper.