Political Map of Myanmar
Political Map of Myanmar

Political Map of Myanmar shows the international boundaries, provincial boundaries, national capital along with the provincial capitals and major cities.

Geography of Myanmar

Myanmar (earlier Burma), a country in the Southeast region of Asia has over 100 ethnic communities. Myanmar lies alongside the Eurasian and Indian Plates, towards the Himalayas’ southeast part. Towards the West of Myanmar, lies the ‘Bay of Bengal’ and towards its South, lies the ‘Andaman Sea’. Strategically, it is situated alongside major shipping lanes of the Indian Ocean. The country is generally diamond in shape having an elongated ‘tail’ in the southeastern part and stretches 925 Km from west to east and 2100km from South to North. It is bordered by Laos, China, Thailand in the east; by India and Bangladesh in the North, and by the Indian Ocean in (South and West).

Demography of Myanmar

The total population of Myanmar, as per the UN data is approx. 54,493,128 as of Sept 2020, which is equal to 0.7% of the overall population of the world. Myanmar’s population density is 83/SqKm on the total landmass of approx. 653,290SqKm and around 31.4% of the entire country’s population are urban. Life expectancy at birth is 67.78 years for both males and females and the infant mortality rate is 33.4deaths/1000 births and the death rate under 5 is 41.9deaths/1000 births.

Culture of Myanmar

Myanmar’s culture has highly been inspired by Buddhism since the first century that has beautifully amalgamated with the non-Buddhist cultures in ages. While the country boasts its ethnicity and tradition; the culture of Myanmar is also inspired by its neighboring countries; the heavy influence of British colonization and Westernization can be seen in Myanmar’s language and education. People in Myanmar avoid pointing fingers directly at other’s faces; they don’t touch others on the head considering the head to be the most respected body part. Nonetheless, people are quite friendly and welcoming, so people enjoy visiting the country.

Top places to visit in Myanmar


Bagan is undoubtedly the best place to visit in Myanmar due to its mesmerizing and unexplored beauty. Home to nearly 2,000 charming stupas that are spread throughout the boundless countryside, Bagan would be a real feast for your eyes. The best part visitors like about Bagan is that the place is nearly untouched by explorers, which is why the natural beauty of the place is preserved. The most interesting way to enjoy the magic of Bagan is by riding in the hot air balloon at sunrise and grip the place’s beauty forever in your heart.


Earlier known as Rangoon, Yangon is not only the largest city of Myanmar; it is the capital city too. Tourists enjoy being in Yangon due to several lakes and parks and the bustling marketplaces, the city has. You would also love the lofty and golden Shwedagon Pagoda, carrying Buddhist relics since the 6th century. While the tourists get lost in the colorful, exciting metropolitan life of Yangon; the place also attracts tourists by its Buddhist monuments, lakes, beautiful parks, Colonial architecture, art galleries, museums, and the embellished market places nearly everywhere.


Located at the foot of the ‘Mandalay Hill’, Mandalay is filled with busy and lively monasteries, markets, mosques, Indian temples, and the pagodas at the hillside flaunting the culture of the country. The Royal Palace of Mandalay is certainly worth exploring as it has 40 different structures. Adventure lovers enjoy visiting the pace as there is so much to do here such as climbing up the ‘Yankin Hill’ and viewing the largest book of the world at the ‘Kuthodaw Pagoda’; you would also love watching a display at the ‘Mandalay Marionettes’ and many more things you can do at Mandalay.

Best time to visit Myanmar

The best time to visit Myanmar is from October through May as the climate gets drier and accessible then.