Liberia Map - Political
Liberia Map - Political

Liberia Map – Political shows the international boundaries, provincial boundaries with names, national capital, provincial capitals and major cities of the country.

Geography Of Liberia

Liberia, a nation along the shore of western Africa and the oldest Republic of Africa, is the only African black nation that was never exposed to colonial rule. The country became independent in 1847 when its boundaries got expanded. Liberia is bordered by Guinea towards the north; Sierra Leone towards the Northwest; the Atlantic Ocean towards the West and South and Côte d’Ivoire towards the East. The country’s topography ranges from the sandy low coastline savannas to the progressing hills and divided highland in the interior. Liberia is the home to luxurious rainforest consisting of rich and diversified flora and fauna. Mount Nimba is the astonishing characteristic of the hilly Northern highlands alongside the Guinea frontier. The Cavalla in the Southeast and East and the Mano and Morro rivers in the northwest are the primary rivers forming segments of Liberia’s borders. The Farmington River in Liberia is the source of hydroelectric power. To know more about Liberia’s geography, please visit the Maps Company.

Demography Of Liberia

The total population of Liberia as per the UN data is 5,077,303 as of Aug 2020; equal to 0.06% of the overall population of the world. Liberia’s population density is 53/SqKm on the total landmass of 96,320SqKm. Around 52.6% of Liberia’s population is urban.  Life expectancy at birth is 65 years for both males and females; the infant mortality rate is 46.9/1000 births and the death rate under age 5 is 64.3/1000 births.

Culture  Of Liberia

Around 97% of the Liberians are indigenous (native) and the remaining 3% are Americo-Liberians. The majority of the natives have preserved their traditions and beliefs and the tribal culture is majorly followed across the nation. Liberia has highly been popular for its masks, especially the Gio and the Gunyege mask in the Northeast region. Every tribe in Liberia has its own distinctive customs and languages and over 2 dozen dialects are spoken here; while English is the certified language. Other key languages include Bassa, Kpelle, Dan, Grebo, Mano, Kru, Mandingo, and Loma. Christianity is practiced predominantly, followed by Islam; and a huge population in Liberia still believes in the supernatural world of bush and ancestral spirits, affecting their everyday life. To know more about Liberia’s culture, please visit World Map Countries. Liberia has sustained the blemishes of numerous civil wars, rebellions; power struggles; political revolutions, and the catastrophic Ebola outbreak; nonetheless, the city is trying to restructure amid all odds.

Places to visit


Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia is a gritty and bustling town. Though there is no dearth of places to stay here, visitors are mostly ex-pat employees, not tourists. Monrovia doesn’t have a great reputation in regards to safety, yet the place can be explored in the daylight.


Just a few hours away from West Monrovia, Robertsport is a beautiful beach retreat, famous for its ex-pat troop, especially on weekends. The beach has a nice surfing sight and some nice beaches to keep you interested; if you just want to spend your holiday relaxing; you must visit Robertsport. The Nana’s Lodge on the beach is the most recommended place to stay for its friendly employee and a pleasant on-site bar and restaurant.


Ganta, a colorful and buzzing trading city near bordering Guinea, is a great halt while going to Yekepa, or east toward Zwedru. Ganta has several towns to see; but visitors specifically love the chain of restaurants, streets, and market stalls; you would also like to converse with the exciting locals here.

The most ideal time to visit Liberia during November through April, when the roads are traversable and the weather is dry and pleasant for both urban exploration as well as the wildlife walks. 

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