Ghana Map - Political
Ghana Map - Political

Ghana Map – Political shows the international and regional boundaries, the national capital, and regional capitals.

Geography of Ghana

Ghana, located in West Africa, along the Guinea Gulf, is a few degrees north of the equator. Neighboring countries of Ghana can be accessed at The Maps Company; it is surrounded by the Ivory Coast (West); Burkina Faso (North), Togo (East), and the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Guinea (south). The country is highly popular for lush forests, miles of sandy beaches with an attractive coast, and assorted animal life. The country is also famous for its rich history and a captivating depository of cultural heritage as described in the Free World Map.

The total current population of Ghana is 31,072,940 as per the UN data as of Aug 2020. The Political Map USA shows the total land area of Ghana as 238,535SqKm with a population density of 134 people/sq km. The life expectancy at birth for both males and females is 64.9 years. Infant mortality is 30.8 deaths/1000 births and deaths under 5 are 44.7/1000 births. Despite low life expectancy and a high mortality rate, the population of Ghana, since 1970, has upheld an average yearly growth rate above the world’s average.

Culture of Ghana

Around 100 ethnic groups live in Ghana, the biggest group being Akan, Moshi-Dagbani, Ewe, and Ga. Akan also called the ‘Ashanti tribe’ is the largest and one of the limited tribes in West Africa where ancestry is found through the maternal lineages. Over 50% population of Ghana is Christian; around 1/5th is Muslim and a minor group follows the ethnic tribal (indigenous) rituals. The country is multilingual and approx 80 dialects are spoken here. English is the official language spoken by the majority of the people; Akan is the most popular indigenous language spoken by the indigenous people. Forestry, fishing, and Agriculture largely contribute to Ghana’s economy and the major source of people’s income.

Places to visit in Ghana


The capital city of Ghana is the largest and the friendliest city across Ghana; the locals welcome visitors with huge hearts. The city is surrounded by several beaches, attracting numerous tourists every year; the Labadi Beach in Accra is the center of attraction here along with the National Museum displaying several historical treasures of the city. Other places to see in Accra include the ITF (International Trade Fair); Kwame Nkrumah memorial; Independence Square; National Theatre and W.E.B. Dubois Centre. The place is also full of markets, soothing street music, incredible food, and chaotic traffic.

Artists Alliance Gallery

As mentioned in the World Map Countries, the Artists Gallery is an amazing collection of fine arts and contemporary masterpieces. Created by Ablade Glover, the highest respected Ghanaian artist, the Alliance Gallery is a 3-story treasure trunk of furniture, Kente cloths, masks, Asafo flags, and distinctive metal sculptures.

Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the Accra region, is highly popular for its Great food and beverages, especially cocktails. It is maintained by the neighboring hotels and resorts; thus a small fee is charged for those not staying there. Local entertainment such as local reggae bands; native drumming and ample locations for dancing and merrymaking in Hippies’ lifestyle is something that carries away tourists’ hearts. A unique style of music style blended with hip hop dancing and Ghanaian culture is something that makes this place unique.

The most ideal time to visit Ghana is between October to March as the climate is slightly cooler; less humid and pleasant.