England Map - Political
England Map - Political

Political Map of England shows the international boundaries, regional boundaries with names, national capital, regions’ capitals and the major cities of the country.

Sometimes also called as the UK (United Kingdome), England is the 4 individual countries of the Sovereign state the UK; the other 3 countries are Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The geography of England includes lowland terrain in the north-west of the Tees-Exe line and the mountainous or upland terrain includes the Pennines, Lake District, Exmoor, Dartmoor, and North York Moors. The country is surrounded by Scotland (North) and Wales (West). Stretched in around 130,410 SqKm, England is constructed of nearly 65% of Great Britain Island as well as the Isles of Scilly and the Isle of Wight. The country has extensive seashore because of the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, and the Irish Sea, contributing to the country’s natural resources and transport system. 


As per UN data, the total population of England is 67,924,946 as on August 2020 and life expectancy is 81.77 years for both sexes; while infant mortality is 3.3 deaths/1000 children and deaths under 5 is mere 4.3 deaths/1000 children. According to Government data, over 86% of the total population comprises of White people; the second-largest groups (nearly 7%) belong to Asian ethnic groups; Black ethnic class (4%); Multiple/Mixed ethnic classes (2%) and other ethnic class (1%). 



Christianity is a major religion; however, people are free to practice their own religion. English is the official and local language spoken by the majority of the people in England. The country is popular for its plain cuisine; however, the traditional middle-class people prefer meat in their main menu. England’s economy is highly developed and specialized and limited people grow food and other items for their living. Food, tobacco, beverages, textiles, paper, and paper and wood products, metals, chemicals optical, electrical equipment, and transport and machinery are the major industries here. People in England are highly sophisticated and classy; the upper class usually belongs to the noble and royal families, occupying an equal social position since the 19th century. Popular sports of England include cricket, soccer, hockey, rugby, and netball. Badminton, tennis, athletics, golf, boxing, cycling, horseracing, and motorsport are among the individual sports. 

Places to visit


While all the places in England are worth visiting; for people interested in knowing about the rich history of the UK must certainly visit London. Situated beside the mesmerizing ‘London Tower Bridge’ and on the River Thames banks, London has the tourist attractions including the picturesque 1,000-year-old “White Tower”; the Jewel House along with the local markets others. 


Located in Yorkshire (England), York is a historical cathedral city and is the 2nd most visited place after London. The city has preserved the ancient buildings and Europe’s architecture that make the city more vibrant. York is usually termed as the Festivals’ city since different types of festivals are been celebrated in the city throughout the year. 

Roman-Era Bath

Named after its popular “Roman Baths”, this mesmerizing city has been attracting visitors due to its healing and magical water for over 2,000 years. The city is smaller in size though, it has several spots to see and many things to do. 

England can be visited all-round the year as the weather is always pleasant here; yet March- June, and September-November is the best time to visit if you plan your holidays.

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