Bermuda Map - Political
Bermuda Map - Political

Map of Bermuda shows the islands with boundaries, capital and major cities, attractions and airport in the country.

Political map

Benin was named after the Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez that first discovered the deserted islands somewhere in 1503. Political map of Bermuda shows the main islands, towns, beaches, bays, main roads, the location Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda and the airport. 


Bermuda is the autonomous British overseas terrain in the west part of the North Atlantic (Ocean). The archipelago is situated 1,430Km east of the South Carolina’s coast and 1,535Km North of British Virgin (Islands). The country is primarily a cluster of islands, located around 900 (miles) east of the United States.  The main islands are grouped together in a fishhook’s shape and are joint by bridges. Bermuda is neither spatially nor geologically connected to the West Indies that lie over 1300Km (800 miles) to the southwest and south.


As per 2018 World Bank report, population of Bermuda was approximately 63,968. People of color live in majority in Bermuda since late 18th century that now constitutes in between 60% to 70% of total Bermudians. The remaining ethnic groups belong to mainly British (Northern European); trailed by Portuguese that primarily belong to Azorean origin as well as the successors of numerous tribes of Native America. 


Daily food habit is almost identical to that of the United States as much of the food items are been imported from there. The customary cuisine and overall culture of Bermuda have a combination of British, West Indian flavors and Rum is considered the popular beverage drink. Unemployment is almost nonexistent here; and majority of commercial activities revolve around hospitality industry. Restaurants and Hotels; tours and travel companies and golf courses all serve the constant arrival of visitors. Majority of items sold here are imported, and thus costly. Poverty does not exist here and the local inhabitants maintain consistently high living standard.

Racism has constantly been haunting the nation despite slavery been banned; nonetheless, the people of color have started making growth and taking entry in the civic and political life. Attire is ideally formal. The world-famous ‘Bermuda’ shorts; the heritage of British Army’s uniform is worn by various businessmen even today, with ties long jackets and knee socks.

Places to visit

  • Horseshoe Bay Beach

This is one of the most scenic beaches popular worldwide; it is located in the Southampton Parish on the South Seashore of Bermuda. It is a light-pink-sand and crescent-shaped coastline set against staged rock creations, attracting numerous travelers.

  • Hamilton

Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda that describes the island, with an energetic and multicultural vibe. It has historical monuments and scenic streets with colorful lined houses. This commercial and cultural heartbeat of the place displays excellent shopping, dining, galleries and museums. 

  • St. George

The most famous highlight of this place is the ‘Tobacco Bay Beach’ even though the place does not grow any nicotine plants any longer. St. George offers mesmerizing beach experience; formations of limestone rock and crystal-clear waters, suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

The best time to visit Bermuda is in between March and April as the climate becomes pleasing for sun-beach-bathing.

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