Benin Map - Political
Benin Map - Political

Political Map of Benin shows the international and provincial boundaries with names, national and provincial capitals along with the major cities of the country.

The political map shows Benin stretched from North to South in West Africa; West of Nigeria and East of Togo. In the North, it is bordered by Niger and Burkina Faso and in the South, by the Bay of Benin, also called Bight of Benin.


One of the smallest countries in Africa, Benin exhibits slight fluctuation in height. The nation evolves from a slender and little sandy coastal region to a marshy area with lagoons rising into the Plateau La Terre de Barre. The uppermost point in Benin is Mt. Sokbaro that rises 658 m (2,158 ft.) and the lowermost point is 0m the Atlantic Ocean.


The majority of people in Benin reside on the Southern shoreline on the Bay (Bight of Benin). The capital city of Benin is Porto-Novo with approximately 265,000 populations and the biggest city of the country is Cotonou with nearly 685,000 inhabitants. Benin is a rather small country with a populace density of 78 persons/SqKm. The official language here is French; however, it is majorly used in the urban areas compared to the rural. The literacy rate in the country is 52.2% for males and 23.6% for females and the literacy rate is gradually rising. Notably, several Africans, Togolese, Malians, and Nigerians have been migrating to the city and several Indians and Lebanese have also been migrating to Benin for trading purposes. 


The culture here is very rich and diverse at the same time; religious roots are quite strong and influential in the country. People put great emphasis on music and the melodious drumming sounds can be seen and heard at almost every religious and festive event. Music is not only the way to enjoy and celebrate; it also offers people a harmonious way to express spiritual fervor. Benin is also the homeland to several popular musicians such as Angelique Kidjo, the internationally celebrated singer, and many more. 

Places to visit

  • Cotonou
    Cotonou is a strong gust of African charm mixed with urban energy. Numerous hypnotic paradise coastlines with palm trees and gold-colored sand mesmerize the spectators. Pendjari, the National Park is another must-visit place in the city; it is also popular for conserving the animal lives in Africa. People having an appetite for more obscure scenery must visit the ‘Fetish Market’, where different types of dead animals are sold for celebrating the Voodoo festival.
  • Ouidah
    Ouidah is situated nearly 40km far from Cotonou; people come here for relaxing and just for having fun. One willing to explore history, Voodoo, and slavery must visit the whimsical museums and if that gets too heavy, one can even see the stunning beaches in the town.
  • Porto Novo
    This is the capital city of the nation and the French capital city of Dahomey in earlier days. One can see the Royal gardens, Palaces; museums, and others of the kings of Porto Novo.

The best time to visit the country is between October to February when the climate is dry and rains are at the edge of ending so the humidity and the temperature dropdown.

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