Bangladesh Map - Political
Bangladesh Map - Political

Bangladesh Map – Political shows the international and division boundaries with names, national and division capitals along with the major cities of the country.

Political Map of Bangladesh depicts the nation’s 7 administrative regions also known as divisions: Dhaka, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Rangpur. Sylhet and Rangpur became the 6th and 7th division of Bangladesh in 1998 and 2010 respectively. Its borders are shared with Myanmar (South East) and India (Bay of Bengal).

Geography Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the 8th most populated nation worldwide; with a population beyond 162 million. The country is ranked 92nd in terms of land area with approximately 147,570 sq km. It gained independence in 1971 and passed its own constitution in 1972. The country is known as a riverine nation and its geography includes deltaic plains; mountains and rivers. There are nearly 300 active tributaries, rivers, freshwater marsh forests and wetlands, and over 30 islands alongside the Bay of Bengal. The country’s economy is advancing and emerging fast with vigorous textiles and manufacturing industry; its main trading associate in India.

Culture Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh attributes diverse and rich culture and its heritage is conspicuously reflected through its dance, architecture, music, literature, clothing, and painting. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are the three major religions of Bangladesh with major influences on the nation’s history, culture, and tradition. Bengali literature considerably developed in the country during the medieval era with the upsurge of some prominent poets including Daulat Kazi, Alaol, Chandi Das, and many more.

Places to visit in Bangladesh


Situated in the north-eastern region of the nation, Srimangal is popular for its huge and lush tea gardens. Tourists specifically love this place for its tranquility and calmness; many love cycling and walking through the tracks inside the tea plantation. It is certainly a sight and must-visit place for nature lovers.

Sundarbans Mangrove forest

The biggest mangrove forest on the planet is also declared as a world heritage place by UNESCO. The forest is situated between 2 neighboring nations India and Bangladesh. It is also the home to the few remnant Bengal tigers; the wildlife in Sundarbans is highly tranquilizing, mesmerizing, and breathtaking because of its scenic beauty and picturesque.

Chittagong Hill-Tracts

This is a natural place filled with beautiful hills and also the home to several tribal people of the country. With the authority’s permission, one can trek inside the Chittagong Hill-Tracts for several days and meet various tribal groups, see and be a part of their tradition; lifestyle, and customs.


A region of Chittagong Hill-Tracts, Rangamati is popular for its Kaptai Lake. It is a man-made lake encircled by beautiful hills that make it naturally beautiful and scenic; visitors majorly come here for boat rides.


Situated in the north-western area of Bangladesh, Paharpur is a small place, preserving the nation’s most stimulating archeological site known as Somapuri Mahabhihara that is also the world heritage site declared by UNESCO. It was the 2nd biggest Buddhist monastery during the 8th century; the place was visited by monks from across the world for higher education.

The best time to visit Bangladesh is between March to April as the weather changes during this time and the weather is cooler, less humid, and more pleasant.