Austria Map - Political
Austria Map - Political

Political Map of Austria shows the international boundaries, state boundaries with names, national capital and states’ capitals.

Austria is a landlocked country present in the East Alpine region. To be precise, the country is located in the south of Central Europe. The country consists of nine federated states. Vienna is the biggest city and also the capital of Austria. The country is bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Austria supports approximately nine million people. The official language of the country is German. However, a vast proportion of the population speaks Bavarian dialects.

Austria is a mountainous country, and it is mainly because it is located in the Alps. Only 25% of the country lies in the low land. Out of the five regions of Austria, the Eastern Alps is the most significant region of the country.

The climatic condition of Austria is similar to that of the temperate climate zone. Because 75% of the country is present in the Alps, the alpine ecosystem dominates the country.

The majority of the population lives in Vienna. Turks are the largest ethnic group that exists in Austria. It is known for its cultural diversity and also for the high standard of living.
The standard language, Austrian German, is primarily used in websites, publications, educations, and announcements. This dialect is very close to Standard German of Germany. However, a minimal difference exists between both the dialect. Three-fourth of the population are Roman Catholic. In addition to that, Islam and Buddhism are also followed.

Austria was a powerhouse in Europe, and it is reflected in the cultural environment of the country too. The land belongs to many famous composers. Vienna, for a long time, has remained an important destination of musical innovation.

During the early century, Vienna focused mainly on instruments and this also includes the lute. Also, the country is the house of many famous painters and photographers.

Apart from the creative sector, Austria is also blessed with numerous scientists carrying international reputation. Countless novelists, poets and writers also complement the scientists and artists.

Top 3 Places To Visit in Austria

1. Salzburg
This charming place in Austria is all about significant historical buildings and beautiful green meadows. The town is also in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the Aldsten town. The site is primarily known for its baroque buildings.

One will find the perfect amalgam of art, culture, and music here. If you want to take a historical trip to Austria, there is no better place than Salzburg.

2. Worthersee
If you have decided to visit Austria during the summer season, then you cannot miss Worthersee. This place is filled with plenty of pretty churches, and it is, in fact, the hometown of Porsche.

Worthersee is famous for its Worthersee lake and also the Griffen Stalactite cave, which is one of the most famous caves.

3. Krimml Waterfalls
It is the highest waterfall in Austria. To reach this fall, you will have to hike a four-kilometer trail, and it will take you around 1.5 hours to complete the trail. If you are into adventure, you should visit the Krimml waterfalls.