Aruba Map (NL) - Political
Aruba Map (NL) - Political

Map of Aruba (NL) shows the boundaries of the islands along with capital city Paradera and major cities of the country.

Aruba is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The country, along with the Bonaire and Curacao island, together with forms the ABC islands. Aruba, along with CuraƧao, Netherlands and Sint Maarten, forms the Kingdom of Netherlands.

The capital of Aruba is Oranjestad. Even though administrative divisions are missing in the country, for the purpose of the census, it is divided into eight regions.

Aruba is blessed with flat terrain. However, it is a river less island. The western and southern part of the island is covered with white sandy beaches. Also, the vast majority of the population resides in this region.

The fierce currents of the ocean affect the northern and eastern coast of the country. As a result, this region of the area is less populated. Few rolling hills are present in the island hinterland. With a population of 116,6000 people, the country doesn’t have any major city.
Multiple endemic animals are present in Aruba. The fauna present in Aruba doesn’t belong to the tropical island vegetation. One will find Xeric scrublands in Aruba. This isn’t a surprise, as the country belongs to a hot semi-arid climate.

The population of Aruba is a mixture of Aruban, Colombian, Dutch, Dominican, Venezuelan, Curacao, Haitian, Surinamese, Peruvian, and Chinese. The majority of the ethnic composition of Aruba belongs to multiracial. The majority of the Aruban population are descendent of Dutch and Caqueitio Indians settlers.
The official language of Aruba is Papiamento and Dutch. However, for legal and administrative purposes, only Dutch is used.

The culture of Aruba is highly multicultural. According to a report in 2005, there 92 different nationalities in Aruba. Even now, Dutch influence is seen in Aruba. The national day of Aruba is celebrated on 18th March. The Carnaval festival is one of the crucial events in Aruba.

Top 3 Places To Visit in Aruba

1. Cura di Tortuga
Cura du Tortuga is a natural pool present in a remote location of Aruba. Volcanic stone circles and rocks create the natural pool. The rugged terrain of Cura di Tortuga can only be accessed by four-wheel cabs. The rough terrain of the natural lake has also made it a popular hiking trail too.

2. Frenchman’s Pass
This is a wonderful narrow passage present in Aruba island. The Frenchman Pass is present between the coral cliffs. From the pass, one can see Balashi Gold Mill too. Here’s a fun fact. This pass is also said to be haunted by Indian ghosts who dies during an invasion by French pirates.

3. Hooiberg
It is a volcanic formation in Aruba island. The volcanic formation is present right in the center of the island. As a result, it can be seen by almost everywhere from the small island. From the top of the Hooiberg, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the island. One has to cross 662 steps to reach the mountain top. If lucky, you can also see Venezuela during a clear sky day from here.