Antigua and Barbuda Map - Political
Antigua and Barbuda Map - Political

Political Map of Antigua and Barbuda shows the international boundaries of the islands along with capital city Saint John’s and other major cities of the country.

Antigua and Barbuda is a small island situated in the West Indies. Antigua and Barbuda lie between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The capital of the country is St. John, and it is, in fact, the largest port of the country too. In 1493, Christopher Columbus explored Antigua island. Later, it was colonized in 1632. However, Barbuda was colonized after more than 40 years in 1678. Antigua and Barbuda recently gained independence in 1981. Hurricane Irma damaged more than 95% of the Barbuda infrastructure. As a result, the inhabitants moved from Barbuda to Antigua. Here’s a fun fact, Barbuda was wholly evacuated and it remained empty.


Antigua and Barbuda are low lying islands. The limestone that has been formed due to volcanic activity influences the terrain of the country. Natural harbors, lagoons and beeches dominate the shore of both the island. Only a few streams can be found here due to low rainfall.

The amount of groundwater present in the country is minimal. The wettest months of Antigua and Barbuda are September, October and November. The humidity level of the island is low and it suffers from drought from time to time.
Interestingly, one can expect one hurricane in a year in Antigua and Barbuda. The coolest months of Antigua and Barbuda lies between December to February.


The population of Antigua and Barbuda is merely 95,900. Most of the people living here are the descendants of Madeiran, British and West Africa.
The official language of Antigua and Barbuda is English. Christianity is the dominant religion of Antigua and Barbuda, followed by other religions like Islam and Rastafari.


In Antigua and Barbuda, one will find a converge of British and West African culture. The national sport of Antigua and Barbuda is cricket. A national carnival is organized every year in August to honour the abolition of slavery.
Let’s now talk about cuisines. Two essential ingredients in most of the Antigua and Barbuda cuisine are corn and sweet potato.
Here’s another fun fact! The country only has one daily printed newspaper and that is The Antigua Observer.

Top 3 Places To Visit in Antigua and Barbuda

1. Half Moon Bay
The name of the bay clearly indicates the shape of it. The Half Moon Bay is considered one of the best Caribbean beaches. The bay is surrounded by reed. And the beautiful white sand sparkles under the moonlight. The bay is difficult to locate but it is worth the try. A GPS will come handy for sure!

2. Devil’s Bridge
The Devil’s Bridge of Antigua and Barbuda is present in Indian Town National Park. The hard-hitting surf created the bridge. During high tide, one can also see the hot water geyser coming out of blowholes. One can also enjoy a variety of bird species here.

3. Fig Tree Drive
If you are a lover of the countryside, you will love Fig Tree Drive. This fishing village is all about farmlands and rainforests. The village is dotted by coconut palms, mango trees and banana trees. You can always enjoy freshly picked tropical fruits on the roadside.

Updated on: 01 July, 2020